Tithing to God in the Milkweed EP

by Feathe

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released July 30, 2009

Recorded by Jana & Alyssa; mixed & mastered by Zach Hanson. All songs by Feathe.



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Feathe Eau Claire

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Track Name: Waltzing The Sea
Cast upon the soaken shore
Damned to be there evermore
Pruned, ruined, and lost for good
Barred to sand and palmy wood
In a drunken blur the sight of me
Was tithed to the sea

So this life is not so sweet
But I don't know what I'll see
Freedom passed the cresting waves
I am their solitaire slave

I give up
I must not be enough
The light you say will come
Lost in this nautical song

Now I'm left drinking salt
Waiting for a ship to halt
S.O.S. on paradise
Warm as it is, my heart
Turns into ice
Track Name: Roses
You mix gold with the seeds of your roses
In the hopes you can buy into hearts
And the dreams that we were born into
Will it not matter, will it not matter to you?

On your face hides the secret to morning
Though the dusk is like rust in your eyes
From your lips comes a midday last season
It won’t matter, it won’t matter to you

When your coins are found unworthy
And you lose what the bank put on hold
Leaves us both as autumn time oak trees
Leaves will gather, it won’t matter to you
Track Name: Haven
Here I stand, almost alone
I am here, does anyone even know

Here I stand, toes in the sand
I look back at the distance that I ran

But the trees, they shade the weeds
On a broken dirt grown path
My feet took me so far
To the haven of your arms

Here I stand, feeling the breeze
And I see your face forming from the leaves